How to reward children for doing chores around the house

How to reward children for doing chores around the house

No one likes doing chores. However, children especially dislike them. The problem is that you need will need their help with various things around the house such as cleaning their rooms, tidying up their toys, and more.

If you’re struggling to get them to help, perhaps some incentives will help to motivate them. The trick is to make the reward proportionate to the task they’ve completed. If you throw a parade every time they pick up a sock, you’re going to run into some problems.

 In this guide, we’ll give you some small and large ideas for how to reward your children for doing their chores.

Let them watch cartoons

A great way to reward children is by letting them enjoy an activity they love – like watching cartoons. For example, once they’ve completed their chores for the day or afternoon, you can reward them with an episode or two of some great cartoons for toddlers.

Give them a tasty treat

For a small reward, a snack or sweet can be an excellent reward. This is something small that you can offer as a small thank you thank will show them that hard work can generate rewards in some instances. Be mindful not to give them too many sugary treats as this simply isn’t healthy.

Have a star chart

You can use something like a star chart to track how many chores your children have done. Every time they do something, add a star to the chart. Then, make sure that the stars add up to something bigger. For example, five stars could be a small treat and 10 could be something bigger or they can trade in a certain number of stars for something – it’s up to you!

Verbal praise

 Another effective method of reward is verbal praise. Saying things like “Thank you” will not only make your children feel good but will show them how to use manners and offer praise to others.

Small change pocket money

Giving your children pocket money is a great way to motivate them and teach them several important lessons. Paying them will prepare them for adult life – work can reap a financial reward. This money can be used to buy items that they like and enjoy or it can be saved for later.

A day out as a big reward

If you get to the end of the month and your children have been consistent with their chores, reward them with something big. This could a trip to the movies, the zoo, their favourite restaurant, or any other day activity that you know they will love.

Final Thoughts

Positive reinforcement is a great way to encourage good behaviour. By using rewards in the right way, you can get your children to do their chores more regularly.