The benefits of key holding for businesses

The benefits of key holding for businesses

One thing that most business owners aren’t aware of is the sheer amount of services that most facilities management companies offer. They can do more than simply keep your business clean, they can also assist with its security too.

A key service on offer is key holding which helps to take the stress out of keeping your business safe every day. But what exactly is key holding and how will it benefit you? Keep reading to find out.

What is key holding?

Key holding is when a qualified security agent holds the keys to your business on your behalf. When required, simply contact your FM provider and they will arrive promptly on-site with your keys anytime you need them.

The Benefits of a key holding service

Here are the major benefits of a key holding service. 

Round-the-clock response time

If you are responsible for your business, if an alarm goes off at 2 am, you’re the one getting the call. If emergency services are required to access your premises, you will need to turn up to work in the wee hours with keys to let them in.

With a key holding service, your presence is not required. In fact, you can ask them to respond on your behalf no matter where you are and provide a timely update on the situation. This allows you to relax knowing that your business is in safe hands. As saying goes, you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Less stress for your staff

Holding keys is a big responsibility, so if you assign this task to your staff it will simply add to their daily stress. Furthermore, responding to alarms or emergency calls at unsociable hours puts your team at risk if they don’t have proper training. Having a professional key holder instead will remove this stress entirely, allowing your staff to focus on what really matters.

Threat reduction

Key holders are a security service, which means that they are a proven deterrent to crime. This means your business is less likely to fall victim to criminal activity!

Cost saving

Yes, having a key holder can actually save you money. For starters, if someone loses your keys, replacing locks and getting new keys is incredibly expensive. A trained professional is less likely to lose your keys and coverage will be offered as part of your contract in some instances. Secondly, the presence of a security company can help to cut down on your insurance costs!


After reading all of these benefits, what are you waiting for? Get the help of a key holder and enjoy the benefits of your business today!