What Is A Ball Screw WTF?

What Is A Ball Screw WTF

Ball screw WTF (บอลสกรู WTF, which is the term in Thai) is basically a linear activator. They primarily comprised of a nut and a screw shaft. There is also a ball that is responsible for rolling between the helical grooves that are matching. The Ball screw functions to convert the rotational motion into linear motion. The ball nuts are primarily used for the transmission of forces to a dynamic or stationary load with high precision accuracy and repeatability.

The factor that is unique about ball screws is that the rolling balls are present in a helical groove. This helical groove reduces the mechanical contact that happens on the inner side of the. It also replaces the sliding friction with a rolling friction. This mechanism has been observed to reduce the friction that is generated. This causes an efficient conversion of power. The efficiency in case of such screws is normally measured via their capabilities of transforming the power that is being utilized in providing the external force of rotation to the coverage of linear distance.

Features Of Roll Ball Screws

If you decide to go for a rolling ball screw WTF, there are many unique features that you will get:

· Low Price

In most cases, the rolling ball screws belong to a lower price bracket. These screws work by modifying the grinding shaft of the screw. Instead,a new and modified screw shaft is created by combining Rolling and pressing of high accuracy with special grinding and finishing of the surface.

· A Smaller Shaft Gap

Since the surfaces of the ball roll or the combined screw nuts in the ball screws have been provided grinding type of finishing, this decreases the gap that is present in the shaft. In such case, the gap is lesser than it is in case of the conventional ball screws. This ensures a smoother operation.

· Can Be Used For Many Applications

The ball screw WTF is available in many different variations. Therefore, you always have the option of choosing a specific ball screw that is the perfect one for your work. There are many different classes of balls screws like the C10 Class, C7 class, C8 class, etcetera. In the case of C7 C8 and C10 class ball screws, the shaft tips have been standardized for specific movement tolerance. This is what allows them to be used for a variety of applications.