Unusual Features Of Facebook Live You Must Know About

Have you ever come across a feature on your Facebook application with the name “Facebook live”? Well, if not, then there’s no need to worry. Although this is a popular feature on Facebook now most people are not aware of it. Coming to the point, Facebook live is a feature on the social media platform, Facebook and this uses your camera and broadcasts live or real-time video to the audience to which you’re connected.

Although today many platforms have introduced this ‘live’ feature on their platform. But the reality was that this feature was first introduced by Facebook with a motive to be unique to their competitor websites. This feature enables the brands to showcase their raw authenticity to their audience. Through this feature, the audience can take a sneak peek into the perspective of the company.

Importance Of Facebook Live!

Know about the importance of Facebook live, below:

1. Uniqueness In The Content

Well, one reason which makes this feature of Facebook loved by many is that it brings uniqueness to the content. The Internet in today’s age is flooded with content in various genres. So, all which is required now is some kind of uniqueness that engages people. With the Facebook live feature, you get access to real-time sources of engaging content. This type of content is hard to find anywhere else.

2. Highly Cost-Effective

Going live (Facebook platform) (ไลฟ์สด, which is the term in Thai) doesn’t require any other tool or paid subscription. It is completely free of cost and you only need to have an active internet connection so that you can watch the perfect video for your Facebook.

What Are The Best Products To Sell Online In 2022?

Well, if you are compelled by the idea of online selling and are willing to sell your products online in 2022? Well, you need to first know about what’s the best thing to sell online in 2022 (ขายของออนไลน์อะไรดี 2565, term in Thai). Even if you are having an ongoing business, you must know about the products which are trending online. This will give you a fair idea about how to stay on top of the e-commerce industry in 2022.

1. Baby Care Products

Parents are not having much time to go out and shop in the current times. This is because most of their time is occupied with work and in such a scenario, buying baby care products online would surely work. As the demand for baby care products has increased online, brands have started producing more products that attract buyers. You as a seller can come across unique baby care products such as cute nail clippers, rear-facing car seats, baby cots, and more to attract buyers and compel them to make a buying decision.

2. Pet Care Products

The Pet industry is booming in the current times. Pet owners love to buy different products for their pets so that they can live with ease and utmost comfort. You as a pet accessory seller can think of coming up with some new concepts which are not known to the buyers so that they get amused by seeing your product and making a buying decision. Pet products such as customized feeding bowls, pet beds, and training collars are so common among buyers.

3. Travel Accessories

Travel is one of the best markets to start selling in. Travellers need accessories that can ease up their travel and they can make the most out of their trip. Although this business never fails it booms during the holiday season when holidaymakers opt for shopping. There are new trends every few months, so try to adapt to the trend and make products that appeal to the buyers. You can sell travel backpacks as these are the trendiest purchases in this sector. Even neck pillows have a good sale.