Premiere League and the Debate over the Best Players

Soccer has given us multiple talented people who are really nice to watch on the field. Every team- country or club, has some fans. People all over the world get divided on the topic of their favorite player. In fact, people have favorite players who belong to a different country as well. Talent knows no barriers and this is what has made people adore the very talented payers from other countries. Premiere League or English Premiere League is one of the top tier soccer tournaments. Having its headquarters in London, this league has quite a history. The 20 teams taking part in the league house the power-packed performers from all over the world. This also happens to be one of the most watched and most famous soccer tournaments to follow. A real show of talents happens in the matches where every team plays 38 matches.

This league also happens to be the stage where the players show what they have got into themselves. The attempts from the side of the teams to get the best ones is not very unknown to the people as well. All of this happens so that the team get the best one to play for it. Some of the Premiere League players have shaped the modern soccer world. While they all belong to different countries, they all put up a show in the league. There is no end to the debate over who is the best one or who happens to be on the list. Here are a few players who have shown extraordinary talent on the fields of League matches.

Christiano Ronaldo

One of the most followed social media starts happens to be one of the top players in the premier league football (พรีเมียร์ลีก อังกฤษ, term in Thai). His talent and his fighting spirit make him one of the most sought-after players in modern times. As a stand along player, Ronaldo is someone on whom one would simply bet without a single thought. He happens to be a menace for the oppositions. The Manchester United player has many feathers to his cap and he earned all of those with hard work and incredible performances.


As it comes to crippling defense and make way, Salah is a living nightmare for the opposition teams. His sudden changes in direction and pace make it tougher for the players to face him. His assists and goals have been incredible. He has proven himself as one of the most efficient players in modern times.

Harry Kane

Harry has made his mark as one of the bests in both world stage and in the league. Though he happened to face some bad streaks as well, this did not stop him from coming back stronger then ever. Behind the frontline, he happens to be a lethal talisman.

Kevin De Bruyne

A player with huge skills to put into the game, Keving is a worthy player. He can be in many places with skill and comfort- he can fill higher the pitch and also stay central. The strong and quick player is an ultimate midfield package.