The Best Rolex Watch To Buy For Him In 2023

The Best Rolex Watch To Buy For Him In 2023

Rolex is among the most expensive watches in the world. These timepieces have a huge fan base and popularity worldwide. So as the brand launched its model, it sold out within a few weeks. Moreover, Rolex is very demanding among collectors. They trade Some special edition watches or discontinued models at higher prices than the original on the pre-owned market.

Do you want Rolex for Him to gift your loved one?  Here is the best collection you can give your loved person.

Best Rolex Watches

  • Rolex Submariner

Rolex submariner is one of the best timepieces to invest your money in. With its launch in 1953, it set a standard for driving watches. It was the first watch certified as waterproof 100 metres deep. Rolex upgrades this model frequently with advanced technology, innovative features and functionality. The addition of the Oyster case improved the classy look.

  • Rolex Daytona- 116500ln

Rolex Daytona made its first appearance in 2016. It is one of the most demanding and popular Rolex for Him. The company made this watch with pure stainless steel, embedded with a black Cerachrom bezel to enhance the look. After it launched, it sold out within a week from all the global retailers. It is available in two colour options- Black and White.

  • Rolex Gmt-Master Ii 126710 Blro

Rolex GMT Master was also a block bluster, much like Rolex Daytona. Currently, they have two models, Pepsi (Stainless steel version) and Black(2018).  Its debut made them a performance for the pilot’s watch. Adding a ceramic bezel on the original red and blue made it more attractive among the young generation. Again the Batman series with the black and blue version is the hottest model in the market. But the classic red and Pepsi versions will dominate the market.

  • Rolex Day Date – 228238

Rolex Day -The date is the flagship watch from Rolex. It is available in 18-karat gold or 950 platinum. Day-Date is an expensive watch recognised all over the world. Moreover, the design remained the same from the beginning, with a large yellow dial of 40mm.

It is a favourite among celebrities, business owners and athletes.

Final Thoughts

So if you plan to buy these luxury timepieces, Rolex is the best option. It is the most iconic and reliable brand in the world. Rolex watches not only look classy, but each watch has a specific purpose. Pick your favourite Rolex for Him to make a good investment.