Crank Drugs: What to Know?

Crank Drugs What to Know

The feeling of satisfaction and power over everything for a certain time being is enjoyable. This is what people get from the drugs alike crank. There are many people who actually do not know what is crank drugs and they don’t really care about these. But in reality, this drug is harmful enough for the addicted and also for the closed ones. Addiction is notorious enough to take you in if you let it. Though people start drug as a coping mechanism or fun item, it gets into the game quite fast. If one loses control, it won’t take long for crank to mess things up. This highly toxic drug consists the chemical structure of methamphetamine and amphetamines. The manufacturing process is also dangerous as the chemical is also flammable along with being toxic.

Crank And Its Effects

Crank affects similarly like meth due to the presence of methamphetamine. This man-made drug can keep one high for hours and people like it. Sometimes, they can stay high for days even. Such effective stimulation is something that make people go back to it again and again. The users can experience rapid weight loss, inability to sleep, heart complication, mood swings, loss of appetite and unstable behavior. Irregular heart rhythm and rapid heart rate are also caused by crank addiction. Mental health of the users will also be plagued by psychosis and paranoid delusions. During the bouts of these issues, the addicted person can be violent towards the people around him or her.

Long Term Effects

Hyperactivity and alertness are common in long term users. They even end up talking for long enough having no control over it. They even fail to sleep properly as well due to the effects of the drug. They can even pace around as they will be unable to sit still.