Valid Reasons Why Turnover Rate Is So High

Valid Reasons Why Turnover Rate Is So High

A high employee turnover rate happens to be amongst the most notable problems faced by a company irrespective of its size. However, a company might suffer loss in case an individual leaves all of a sudden. It will be imperative to have appropriate employee retention techniques for preventing this from happening. 

It is not a fact that workers tend to leave their professions due to a better offer. On the other hand, it has been depicted by research that there are many reasons for employees to resign.

Here, we have mentioned some authentic reasons why Turnover Rate is so high (พนักงาน ลา ออก บ่อย, which is the term in Thai) at present.

  • Organizational Culture

Many aspects are accountable for contributing to the overall culture of a company – work habits, leadership strength, the commitment of the staff, and so on. All these can lead to job gratification in the long run. It is more likely that the employee will find a place for sharing his values once the culture of the company is unable to capture the interest of the worker. 

  • Organizational Performance

In case the employees are of the notion that the company is encountering economic issues, it is likely for them to jump ship for countering what according to them happens to be an upcoming layoff.

  • Demographics

One essential reason why turnover Rate is so high can be due to lifestyle characteristics and demographics. For example, a young employee might think of quitting the company in case the majority of the workers happen to be somewhat aged. Instead, he might prefer to find work at some place where he will be able to work with his peers.

  • Personal Reasons

Personal reasons can be one valid reason to leave one’s profession since it is a fact that each employee is different from the rest. 

  • Unrealistic Expectations

It is a fact that lots of workers have the propensity of setting unrealistic expectations since they don’t have any knowledge of their job responsibilities while they are being hired. This is more likely to happen with companies not having an onboarding process. Make sure to set restrictions regarding career advancements, job descriptions, work culture, as well as benefits, and hire some person who is aware of his responsibilities regarding his job from the very first day. 

Let us hope that all these pointers can play a vital role in why the turnover Rate is so high right now in your company.