Ideas To Decorate A Small Kitchen

Ideas To Decorate A Small Kitchen

Although space in your kitchen may be restricted, that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style. Find out how to spruce up your tiny kitchen with paint, decorative accessories, and some Kitchen decorating ideas (ไอ เดีย ห้อง ครัว, which is the term in Thai)

Deck Out The Open Shelves

Open shelving is a great way to create the illusion of more space in a cramped kitchen. It’s important not to overstuff the shelves, as this will make finding things difficult. Combine some pretty tableware with other accents like small vases, wood chopping boards etc.

Set The Scene With A Rug

Rugs are a great way to add a color splash and pattern to a tiny kitchen without occupying valuable floor, cabinet, or countertop real estate. Place a large area rug in the kitchen’s center or lay a runner down the middle of the room. 

Use Extras

Even a tiny kitchen can be made more functional with the right accessories, just like any other space in the house. A simple way to decorate a small kitchen is with open shelving, as seen here. The shelves feature leaning picture frames, pretty dishware, and a few cookbooks. 

Pick Out Vivid Fabrics

Adding a splash of color to the kitchen’s windows can serve as a focal point. For instance, this room’s window treatment is a striking Roman shade that complements the blue-gray drawers and stone countertops without overwhelming the space. The pendant of polished copper adds a touch of shimmer and sophistication.

Modify The Structure

Adding cyan wallpaper in an all-white kitchen is a great way to play around with space-saving design ideas. The white space airiness is enhanced by blue. There’s even more vibrancy underfoot, thanks to a vintage area rug. If your preference shifts, you can easily and cheaply replace either of these.

Leverage Every Square Inch

This tiny kitchen makes the most of every available square foot. A narrow wall space directly opposite the island is taken up by a pegboard, providing quick and easy access to pots, pans, and other kitchen implements. 

Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting with shaped square shades or one-of-a-kind pendants is another component beyond countertops and cabinets that can add a stylish touch to a small kitchen. Texture and focus are brought to the sink by a pendant light with a woven shade. Even a modest kitchen can hugely impact when you use tasteful light fixtures.