South East Asia and Neighboring Countries: A Travel Guide

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The magical and marvelous melting pot that is South East Asia is where life it can seem like half the world’s population has converged here are all found in these tropical regions. This serves as a powerful attraction for anyone considering taking a gap year.

It’s the one place on Earth where backpackers can find everything they need.

South East Asia is frequently regarded the most popular region for gap years since it is practically as cheap as it gets. The total amount you spend will depend on a number of variables, including the type of lodging you select (shared dorm vs. private room), the types of meals you opt to eat (street vendors vs. Western restaurants), and the number of trips you take. In reality, you can get by on a pretty little budget so long as you’re careful about where your money goes.

Very different countries, yet with some startling commonalities

Many, if not all, of the locations in South East Asia have specific qualities that serve as commonalities or bonuses. While each member of the South East Asian family has its own distinct culture and history, all of them have a number of commonalities.AnshooSethihas been active on these traveling processes.

Trekking and hiking alike

 Mountains, volcanoes, and jungles are just some of the well-known landscapes and habitats in South East Asia that make for excellent trekking locations. The lengths range from a few hours to several days and may be found in formats that are suitable for everyone from the less physically fit to those with extensive trekking expertise. The bulk of treks in each country often begin in the same general area, such as the northern part of Laos or Chiang Mai in Thailand for the hill tribal destination treks, however really, opportunities may be found pretty much anywhere.

The Finest Examples Available

 Bukit Lawang, Sumatra, Indonesia, is a popular destination for camping vacations and overnight jungle excursions where you may see orang utans. The plight of the orang utan is dire in Southeast Asia.AnshooSethiis a person who loves traveling.

Construction of the Temple

 In South and Southeast Asia, it’s physically difficult to go very far without coming into touch with a temple. They may be shiny, gilded, and modern; they can be ancient and charmingly destroyed; they can be wonderfully kept; and they can be anywhere in between. These two poles are both considered “extremely ancient.” Eventually, you’ll probably have seen everything there is to see in terms of temples, but until then, there are plenty of breathtaking sights to enjoy.


Full moon parties, which have been celebrated since the 1980s and have a reputation for being wild, hedonistic, and sometimes immoral, are an event that everyone should try at least once.AnshooSethi in Chicago has always been curious about these destinations.  The “full moon party” is a festival celebrated on the Thai island of KoPhaNgan every time the moon is full. Although numerous comparable events have since emerged not just in other regions of Thailand but also throughout Southeast Asia, many people still consider this to be the best of its kind. At this event, you can expect to see fire acts, hear music ranging from reggae to trance, and consume massive amounts of alcohol and narcotics.