Essential Things You Should Have In Your First Condo

Essential Things You Should Have In Your First Condo

Moving into your first condo apartment is exciting. But when moving into your new condo, you should have some essential things in hand. Read the article to learn about some important things you should have in your first condo Tha Phra (คอน โด ท่าพระ, which is the term in Thai) apartment. 

Window Covering

If you are going to live in a condo for the first time, then having a window covering can work great for you. It ensures privacy during the time of unpacking. In that case, you can use the old curtains, window blinds or any temporary cover to protect your place. 

Floor Covering

It feels uncomfortable to live in a condo with bare floors. Most probably, you are going to apply concrete, tiles, or marble. But for the initial stage, you can make it covered with old rugs, mats, etc. 

Cleaning Supplies

Before you move into your new condo, you should keep all the cleaning supplies ready in front of your hands. It would help if you cleaned and sanitised the place before moving your belongings there. These cleaning supplies include cloth rags, cleaner, household disinfectant, mop, sponges, broom, etc. After cleaning the condo, spray a good sir spray or room freshener to have a sweet smell. 

First Aid Kits Essential

Accidents never come with notice and alarms. Assume you cut a finger when opening a box or touching a broken water glass. So, it would help if you had band-aids and another ointment. Even for a sudden weather change, if you get coughing, then you will require medicines. So, keep the first aid box well organized before you come to your new condo. 

Safety Essentials

Generally, for the new apartments, there will be smoke detectors, but for an old one, you should keep one or two of the smoke detectors ready. Make sure to purchase a carbon monoxide detector and a small fire extinguisher for safety. Keep those safety essentials prepared in front of the new kitchen. 

Bathroom Essential

You must check everything you may need for a functional bathroom for the first time. There will be a window in your bathroom, so covering it for privacy is essential. It would help if you also had a bath mat or rug to keep the water off your floor. Another basic bathroom checklist should include a bathroom wastebasket, storage solution, tissues, small vanity motors, hand towels, soap, etc. 


Hopefully, the checklist will help you a lot for moving into your first condo. Apart from those things, you should also arrange some kitchen essential things. If you enjoy the article, stay tuned to get more updates.